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We are incredibly proud to only sell the very best 100% natural, healthy and nutritious treats.

Like you, our pets are part of our family and we want to give them the finest natural pet products that look great, are safe, luxurious, healthy and extremely, mouth-wateringly tasty.

Real nutrition comes from real food, and the products that we give to our pets, can impact their health.

Synthetic chemicals cause many of us concern so in the best interest of your furry little friend giving them natural dog chews/treats and supplements  are the most healthy and safe choice. They are also the most environmentally-friendly solution to keeping our dogs happy, comfortable and full of vitality.

With this in mind, with our love of dogs and being a dog owner our selves we choose to offer the best products on the market. 

MY DOGGY is the result of hard work and dedication to deliver healthier products to your door.

We are here to help so if you have any questions please get in touch, we aim to offer the best service and best products, keep in mind that we offer selection boxes to suit all types of breeds this also helps to find your dogs favourite treat, in some cases customers find their dogs love a good choice of selection so they are happy to purchase selection boxes and if that sounds good we also offer a subscription package so you can save money and time and have your favourite products delivered each month.

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